Digital Accelerator 2.0
Learning by doing:
Brands with Mobile DNA
We are doing a massive mash up of our marketers with start ups, creative partners, digital media platforms; inviting everybody to be part of this collaborative entrepreneur spirited initiative.
Our purpose is to accelerate the transformation in the way we connect our brands with people. We want to unleash a culture of creative entrepreneurship in our teams and the ecosystems we interact with.


Here in Mondelez we no longer debate if Mobile is the first of second screen. We are moving 100% mobile minded and our objective this year in the accelerator is to unleash Mobile to deliver growth for our brands.

For us Mobile is not a media channel. Mobile is a new mindset, a behaviour, a way of organizing your life. We are all being reshaped by Mobile. We are ready in Mondelez to go out of our comfort zone and keep our learning by doing mode so that we can accelerate the Mobile transformation.

What we did and what we learnt in Digital Accelerator 2015
In our first edition:

Learnings of this first 2015 experience with start ups. We are still learning to work together.

It is key to better understand the value that each player brings to the table. It is not easy. We have different languages, mindsets and still low understanding of each others needs and priorities. Moreover, the ecosystems are not designed to operate smoothly together, so we are adjusting as we go!

For us it is clear how critical it is to keep this


iterate on our mistakes and improve as we go so we can scale better and bigger ideas to accelerate the digital transformation.

How we work

Digital Accelerator 2016 will happen in 4 cities across Latam

The program me starts with the selection of 10 to 12 start up and digital platforms per market.

In the Pitch Day, each start up or platform present their company in 10 minute pitches to Mondelez brand teams. There is a speed dating session where all participants connect and create teams with which they will create an idea to participate.

Teams have estimated 15 days to develop and pitch the idea to the LA jury. There will be 3 winners in each key market with a prize of 30 k use to finance the execution of the beta in the following 6 to 8 weeks. The most promising betas will be scaled at LA level in 2017 - We assume to have at least 2 of them.

This year, we have also included Mentorship sessions with internal and external experts to support the teams in the beta execution.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


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